Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Artist of the Week : Lazer Crystal

Synthesized Chicago LAZER CRYSTAL is a musical node comprised of three humans and various mechanisms. Listening to their songs is like sending your mind on a trip around the universe.

In fact, singer/keyboardist Mikale De Graff says he hopes the disc, titled "MCMLXXX", takes people to a mental place where you can’t be in the physical world. And he says it’s OK for people to see Lazer Crystal as a riddle: “I think the puzzle is a good aspect of what music or art or conversation or whatever can be,” says De Graff, 30, a Kentucky native who has lived in Chicago since 2003. “Clarification is always nice too, but a little mystery can go a long way.”

Their music sprawl across Krautrock, Italo-disco, prog, and noise, and in keeping with those influences their payoff isn't in pop hooks so much as it is in really intense vibes. Even without much foreground melody, the music has a focus that Lazer Crystal's early material lacked—something De Graff and Read say they achieved by giving in to their electro and house fandom.

Lazer Crystal believes that we as humans are at the extreme promontory of the centuries. The human race has reached the moment where we must open the mysterious shutters of the impossible to seek the unknown. We are moving beyond Time and Space toward the absolute, since we have discovered eternal, omnipresent speed.

1. To create music that reflects this ideal.
2. To present a multi-colored, polyphonic surf of sound and vision, set to the ritual nocturnal vibrations of its arsenal, to be played as an offering of respite.


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